It is important to note that the LNLA CNLP is not the same as the state licenses needed to practice horticulture in Louisiana, and does not allow you to legally conduct a professional horticultural business in Louisiana. To learn more about the state licensing process contact the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry Horticulture Commission at 225-952-8100 and visit their website HERE.

Upcoming Exam Dates:
  • February 20-21, 2018
  • LSU AgCenter
  • Hammond Research Station
  • 21549 Old Covington Hwy.
  • Hammond, LA 70403
  • July 10-11, 2018
  • Ira Nelson Horticulture Center
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • 2206 Johnson St.
  • Lafayette,LA 70503

Manual reviews will be held on Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.

The exam will be given at about 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday; 3 hours are allowed for the full exam.

There are five sections to the exam:

  • Section 1 - Plant Classification, Growth and Development
  • Section 2 - Understanding Pests and Their Control
  • Section 3 - Culture of Nursery Stock in Retail Yards
  • Section 4 - Landscape Contracting, Tree and Turf Management
  • Section 5 - Plant Identification

Why get certified?

You will increase your knowledge of horticulture and you may cite your LNLA Certication on resumes, business cards, vehicles, etc. to demonstrate your high professional standards. Certification shows that you have a good understanding of the information contained in the Manual. Horticulture businesses, such as nurseries, garden centers, landscape maintenance companies and landscape instillation companies, send their employees to the CNLP Review and Tests to make them more knowledgeable and effective.

Who should get certified?

Primarily, persons in the retail garden center and landscape contracting/maintenance areas of the ‘Green Industry’ participate, however the course is also recommended for wholesale growers, irrigation contractors and Master Gardeners. The manual review is excellent preparation for the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s horticultural services and landscape contracting. The CNLP was established to provide a professional educational opportunity for ‘Green Industry’ professionals.

What do I need to know to pass the exam?

The Louisiana Manual for the Environmental Horticulture Industry is the primary reference you must be familiar with to pass the test and obtain your state horticultural licenses in the categories of Horticulturist, Landscape Contractor and Nursery Stock Dealer. The Manual is thoroughly reviewed during the CNLP Review making it an excellent way to prepare for your state license tests. It is best to obtain and look through the Manual before the Review and Exams. The exam includes identification of plant specimens from the several lists of plants in various sections of the manual, so you should be able to identify many of the plants listed in the manual.

Where do I get the manual?

The manual may be ordered using the same form for registration mentioned below. The cost of the Manual is $60 plus $5.00 S/H.

How much does the exam cost?

  • Review and Full Exam - $175 per person
  • Review only(no exam) - $75 per person
  • Exam retakes - $20 per section

How do I register?

To register for the LNLA CNLP Review/Exam and/or order the study manual online with a credit card go HERE.

To register for the LNLA CNLP Review/Exam and/or order the study manual by USPS mail, please print, complete and mail the application/order form. The application form may be viewed and downloaded as a MS Word document or as a Adobe pdf document. The completed form and check for the appropriate amount should be mailed to:

Louisiana Nursery & Landscape Association CNLP
126 Bertel Drive
Covington, LA 70433

What if I have more questions?

Please contact Cari Jane Murray, LNLA Executive Secretary, if you have any questions in regard to this year’s certified nursery and landscape professional programs.

Terms and Conditions

To view the LNLA Terms and Conditions please go here