The Louisiana Nursery Landscape Foundation for Scholarship and Research was organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes, including (for such purposes) the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.  LNLFSR brochure.

How to Apply

Organizations or individuals applying for grants should submit the information requested in the Outline for Grant Proposal (see below) and the Grant Proposal Summary Sheet (available to download at right). Proposals must be typed and single-spaced. Applicants should submit three original copies of their completed proposal to:

What to Include in your Proposal

All proposals are expected to conform to the following outline.

  1. Title of Project
    1. Author's Name(s)
    2. Affiliation: Name, mailing address, phone, fax, email *Include to whom to make check payable, if approved, and address to mail to.
  2. Introduction: A brief statement of intent, need or desire.
    1. Situational statement: A brief description of the current situation and why the intent, need or desire is necessary.
  3. Objectives: A listing of the objectives the proposal will address.
  4. Evaluation: Explain how you will measure the effectiveness of you project.
  5. Procedure: A narrative of exactly how and when the work will be carried out and by whom.
  6. Budget of materials and man-hours needed: A listing of the expected costs and labor. GRANTS ARE CONSIDERED AS AN UNRESTRICTED GIFT.   HOWEVER, NO ADMINSTRATIVE DEDUCTIONS SHALL BE MADE.
  7. Project schedule or timetable: A narrative or listing of the duration of each phase of the project, plus the total project time of completion.
  8. Project participants: The number and title of each participant and their role in the project.
  9. List other sources of funds or support you will receive for this project.
  10. Support evidence: Letters of support recommending the project.
  11. The Attached Grant Proposal Summary Sheet must be completed.

To view the "Grant Proposal Summary Sheet" as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet click here.  To view as a PDF file click here.

Should you receive this grant, at the completion of the project, a full written report will be submitted to Louisiana Nursery Landscape Foundation for Scholarship and Research including: Title, Introduction, Materials and Method, Summary of Results and Evaluation.

When To Apply

Proposals must be received by date(s) due. Notice will be sent upon receipt of your proposal. Notification of acceptance or denial of proposals will be mailed to applicants by date(s) specified.

Date Due Notification Date
January 1st March 31st
September 1st December 31st


For more information contact:

  • Annie Coco
  • Louisiana Nursery & Landscape Foundation for Scholarship and Research
  • Executive Secretary
  • 11050 Hwy 441
  • Amite, LA 70422
  • Phone: 985-789-4301
  • Email: anniecoco400@gmail.com