Horticulture Hints

Consumer friendly newsletter for home gardeners is provided in cooperation with the LSU Agcenter.

Ornamental Horticulture E-News and Trial Garden Notes

More in-depth newsletter covering topics suited for advanced gardeners, growers, and landscape & nursery professionals is provided in cooperation with the LSU Agcenter.

LSU Agcenter Hort Hints

Prepared quarterly by:
Kathryn Fontenot, Ph.D., Community/School Vegetable Gardens
Dan Gill, Consumer Horticulture
David Himelrick, Ph.D., Fruits
Ron Strahan, Ph.D., Lawns

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Ornamental Horticulture

Nursery, Landscape and Garden Center Updates

Prepared by Jean Pittman B.S., Lee Rouse, B.S., Yan Chen, Ph.D., Jason Stagg, M.S
Phone (985) 543-4125;
E-mail:jpittman@agcenter.lsu.edu ;