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Links to Archived Ornamental Horticulture Updates


Late June - 2017

A Fond AgCenter Farewell, Plant Trials: Cannova Cannas, Plant Trials: Pugster Buddleia, Plant Trials: ‘Campfire’ and ‘Inferno’ Coleus, Lantana Lace Bugs

Mid/Late June - 2017

Emerald Ash Borer, Plant Trials: Sombraro Echinaceas, Citrus Quarantine Update, Spinetoram, Plant Trials: Lucky Star Pentas, Plant Trials: ‘Fireball’ French Marigold, Plant Trials: Supertunia Pink Star Charm Petunia

Mid June - 2017

A Crape Myrtle Species with Potential, Bedding Plant Trials – ‘Copper Prince’ Pennisetum, Bedding Plant Trials – New Gisele Series of Phlox, Bedding Plant Trials – New Ball FloraPlant Series of Sterile Lantana

Early June - 2017

LSU AgCenter Plants with Potential – 2017, Bark Lice, Emerald Ash Borer In Additional Areas, Wild About Woodies at SFA Gardens – June 30th

March to Early April - 2017

New Plants Coming from Ball Seed, Spring 2017 Louisiana Super Plants: SunPatiens and ‘Henry’s Garnet’ Virginia Willow, LNLA Award Winners

Late January - 2017

Crape Murder – List of Attributes of a Properly Pruned Lagerstroemia, Kelos Atomic and Kelos Fire Celosia Observations

Early January - 2017

2017 American Garden Rose Selections, Trip to China - Texas A&M horticulturist Mengmeng Gu, Is Tea (Camellia sinensis) A New Crop For Louisiana?


December - 2016

Bacillus Thuringiensis, Louisiana One Call Update, Clegg’s Nursery and Naylor’s Hardware and Garden Center Create Creative Partnership

Mid/Late November - 2016

Rose Best Management Practices, Crape Myrtle Bark Scale Trial Studies, Chilli Thrips Research Update

Early November - 2016

The “Top” Performers of Some of the “Newer” Bedding Plant Varieties, Our LSU AgCenter New Crape Myrtle Variety Summary, LSU AgCenter Crape Myrtle Trials

July - 2016

Mulching Trees, Landscape plant growth control using PGRs, Crape Myrtles and Bees, Imported Fire Ants in Nursery Settings, More New Ornamental Sweet Taters’

Late May to Mid June - 2016

Buddleia, Colorful Flowers that Take the Heat, Prepare Properly Prior to Planting, Japanese Maples, Plants with Potential Program, Over-Mulching Trees, Under the Sea Coleus, A Heritage Verbena to Consider – Appleblossom

Early/Mid May - 2016

SunPatiens, Control Information for Chamberbitter/Phyllanthus, Success with Oakleaf Hydrangeas, Grandstand Salvia from Green Fuse Botanicals, Plants with Potential for 2016

Mid/Late April - 2016

Fig Research Continues, Vinca Keys to Success, LSU AgCenter Names Spring 2016 Louisiana Super Plants, April is National Garden Month, Evolution Salvia Information, Best Caladium Varieties for Sun or Shade, Camellia/Azalea Leaf and Flower Galls

Late March/Early April - 2016

Selecting Azalea Varieties, Rose Workshop, New Rose Collection, Margie Jenkins Azalea Garden Horticulture Lecture Series, Vinca/Periwinkle–Keys to Success, Louisiana Super Plants–Great New Winners for Spring 2016

Early/Mid March - 2016

Saucer/Oriental Magnolias, Soil Testing, Growing Sweet Corn, Planting Peppers, Early Spring Changes Landscape Performance, American Garden Rose Selections Debut Winners, Spirotetramat-Systemic Insecticide Translocated in Xylem and Phloem, Dogwood Notes

February - 2016

More on Crape Murder, Time to Plant Roses, Rainy Weather in February is Common, Using Color Effectively in the Landscape, Wildflowers are a Spring Delight, Johnson Named LSHS Life Member, Southerners Love Live Oaks, February is Rose Care & Preparation Time

Late January - 2016

Cinco de Mayo Named Gulf District Rose, Margie Jenkins Azalea Garden Horticulture Lecture Series, LNLFSR Scholarship Award Winners, LNLA Professional Awards, Crape Myrtle Bark Scale Found in Baton Rouge

Early/Mid January - 2016

Taking Care of Freeze-damaged Plants, Asparagus Ferns, Planting Trees/Arbor Day, Keeping Garden Records, Prune, Plant Roses Now, Rose Midwinter Workshop Scheduled, Loquats, Armillaria Root Rot, Louisiana Turfgrass Association Annual Conference